Samstag, 3. Januar 2015

Still on the mission... the last couple of months I hadn't enough time to work constantly on RapidECA and to write blog posts about the current project status. I hope this will change for the future.
During that time I've freshed up the style of the RapidECA UI as the following pictures show:

RapidECA Login Page

RapidECA Dashboard View

Right now RapidECA Node comes with it's own UI. In one of the next steps it is planned to decouple the UI from the Rule Engine.

I've also refactored glue completly which is now called gluedoo. gluedoo was enhanced to run on Linux and Windows boxes. Below pictures which show gluedoo in action.

getenv - shows the gluedoo env
getcmd - list all available commands

More information about gluedoo you can find here:

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Markus Schneider

Montag, 11. August 2014

Research and Development...

one more time we took a look at some really impressive CEP solutions and thought about their design influences on RapidECA. But we haven't enough resources to do research and development at the same time. So one consequence is that we didn't work constantly on the code base of RapidECA during the last couple of weeks.

But one really important aspect why we develop RapidECA is fun - to reseach for sophisticated approaches/technologies brings us a lot of fun!

During our research we took a closer look at the etalis project.
etalis is completely written in Prolog and highly optimized for CEP scenarios. It's very easy to use from Java/Groovy by using tuProlog. etalis is fast, expressive, and elegant.

Check it out:

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RapidECA Team

Montag, 7. Juli 2014

Upgrade of RapidECA Node & Plugins...

in June we've upgraded RapidECA Node and all plugins for working with Grails 'v2.3.11'. As well we've changed the version of Drools in the 'rapideca-drools-plugin' from '5.5.0.Final' to '5.6.0.Final'.

The next thing was that we ran into problems with GroovyServ when we worked on RapidECA Glue. Take a look here for more details:
Yasuharu Nakano (project lead of GroovyServ) is working on a new release where this issue will be fixed.

The next couple of weeks we're going to upgrade RapidECA Glance for working with Grails 'v2.3.11' and beyond that we're going to implement the new REST features of Grails.

That was the news - stay tuned and follow us on g+ or twitter!


RapidECA Team